Charity Club!

Our Members!

Meet Rocky! He is our club's leader and he manages all of the big picture work. He created the club when he was only 2 months old and has been dedicating all of his free time into helping our cause!

This is Ella! She is in charge of spreading word about our club. She designs the posters and advertisements and posts them everywhere she can. She has always been energetic, positive, and caring. She has been committed to furthering our cause for months!

This is Buddy! He is our event organizer. He plans all of our fundraiser events and reaches out to local buisnesses for pledges. He's been supporting our club for a few months now and has been determined to help the community in any way he can.

Meet Luna! She is our treasurer. She oversees budgets and keeps records of everything we have collected and donated in the past few years. She is smart, selfless, and responsible.